Rapides Junior Runners is a kids' running club that was started in 2002
by a group of runners in the Alexandria / Pineville, Louisiana area called
the Rapides Runners.  The club has been extremely successful in
exposing kids to the sport of running and has grown to have over one
thousand participants, which makes us one of the largest kids' running
clubs in the nation.   It's a wonderful way to spend a Saturday with your
family and friends.

Every year, starting in the fall, we have two timed races at Ward 9
Sportsplex in the Pineville area.  The races have a festive atmosphere
with music and announcements for racers, such as what ages are racing
next and where warm-ups will be held.

All racers will be chip timed.  The chip is attached to the back of the bib.  
The racer will use the same bib for every race.  Each racer must run with
a bib/chip and run the correct age group race or your time will not go into
the system.

Every finisher gets a finish medal hung around the neck.   At the awards
ceremony, a first, second and third place custom medal is awarded to the
top three finishers, both boy and girl, in every age category.  For example,
the six year old girls will only compete against other six year old girls even
though they are running with all 6 and 7 year olds in the race.  At the last
awards ceremony, a special prize is given to those who have run all five

Above all, we try to stress health and happy running.  We want children to
improve their level of fitness by training between runs with their families.  
If the kids can see they have improved their time from race to race, it'll be
easier for them to say, "Catch me if you can