Age Categories

1/2 milers (ages 5 and under) will start at 9:00.  

6 to 11 year olds run 1 mile and start after 1/2 milers finish.
This is the biggest group to run so they are usually broken
into two groups.  Just listen to the DJ for your age group to
be called.

2 milers (12-14) will be first this year.  Please see new
information on the 2 mile race this year.

You may run out of your age group but you then will not be
eligible for a 1rst, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th place medal.
For example, if you are a 2 miler but only want to do a 1
mile race, you may, but you will forfeit the custom place
medal if you happen to come in first, second or third.

Age Calculation Date
The date of the first race.
Your child's age on this date will be the age category he/she
will start the first race in and will be in for all 4 races.
Your child will not change age categories, even if he/she
has a birthday.
For example, if your child turns 8 after the first race, the  
age calculation date would have him running with the 7 year
olds even in the remaining races.  He would
not move up to
the 8's race even after his birthday.