Age Categories

1/2 milers (ages 5 and under)  

6 to 11 year olds run 1 mile
This is the biggest group to run so they are sometimes
broken into two groups.  Just listen to the DJ for your age
group to be called.

2 milers (12-14) will be first this year.  Please see new
information on the 2 mile race this year.

Age Calculation Date
The date of the first race.
Your child's age on this date will be the age category he/she
will start the first race in and will be in for all 4 races.
Your child will not change age categories, even if he/she
has a birthday.
For example, if your child turns 8 after the first race, the  
age calculation date would have him running with the 7 year
olds even in the remaining races.  He would
not move up to
the 8's race even after his birthday.