Dear Parents:
Please read and discuss these tips with your children.
Please keep your race number that is issued in
your packet in a safe place.  You will need to bring
this number to
the 2 timed races.  If you lose it, you
can buy a replacement for $

Before you race, pin it to the front of your shirt with
one pin at the bottom so it doesn't flap up when you

Have a light meal at least an hour before you run.  
You do want energy but don't want to overload your
system.  Be sure to drink some fluids all morning to
hydrate yourself.

Layer your clothing so that if you get hot, you can
shed something.  Remember, even on a cool day, you
will get hot when you run.

Please arrive early enough to find parking, find the
start line, then mill about to cheer others on.  We
will not start one age group without the last one

Via the PA system, we will call age groups to gather
for warming up.

Drinks and snacks are available at the end of the
race for the racers only.

Relax and have fun!  You are a winner just for